Sunday, 29 November 2015

Chill Weekends & Brunch

This weekend has been a very chill one to say the least. Usually I would be buried under uni course work trying to get my work submitted before the deadline but as the trimester is coming to an end, my load has been lighter and I set aside the weekend and decided to relax.

I met up with the mamma and sister for brunch at Salt Café. As always I got my eggs and avocado. I also tried their iced coffee and I have to admit it was the best iced coffee I've ever had.
I also got my most favourite pair of boots ever. I love leaving the house because it gives me a reason to be able to wear them. Boots from here.
Other than that I've spent most of my weekend in bed and eating breakfast foods. Tomorrow is Monday which means back into the weekday routine, back to uni work. As much as I love uni I am very much looking forward to the Christmas break.

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