Wednesday, 13 January 2016

iPhone Journal #2

Hello lovelies,

Recently I have moved back into my flat after all the christmas shenanigans. I'm back at uni and getting back into a routine (or at least trying to). Let's just say early mornings are not my forte.
I thought I would share a few snaps and update you a little on what has been going on through some photos.

I have kind of developed a 'fairy princess' instagram theme as I like to call it. My Instagram is @emmyrosam if you aren't following me already. Anything pink/purple/cream/white and bright - right up my street. I also actually uploaded a video on how I edit my photos if you want to check that out: 

Moving back into my flat means having to cook my own meals (and clean up after them). I think anyone could vouch for me in saying that I am no chef. Cooking has never been a skill of mine, I always left my mum and sister to that. I don't really like eating a lot of frozen food out of a box, doesn't make me feel so great. So lately I've been buying way more fruit and veg and attempting to cook. I am very much a beginner and I don't like spending a lot of time making something that I will devour in 5 seconds, but this stuff tastes so good - much better than it looks.
(Left to right: chicken alfredo pasta, banana and cinnamon pancakes with raspberries, potato wedges, avocado and spinach pasta.)

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