Thursday, 22 December 2016

What I Eat In A Day

Hey Lovelies!
Today I'm sharing with you what I eat in a day. What I eat changes from day to day but my 2017 is to eat healthier. Today was a pretty light day, my appetite always varies so some days I eat normal amounts and others I will eat enough food to feed a village.

For breakfast I had porridge with honey, cinnamon and strawberries. I loveee porridge. It's so easy and quick to make. I hate cereal/milk so I usually stick to toast or porridge. I am definitely a breakfast person. Breakfast is my favourite type of food.

For lunch I had a smoothie bowl. I am a big fan of acai bowls/smoothie bowls. I will usually top them with a combination granola, fruit, honey or coconut. I prefer to have a smoothie bowl for lunch or dinner rather than breakfast.

For a snack I will usually make a nice drink - I love DIYing Starbucks refreshers or iced tea. Today I had some dried peaches that I recently came across and omg they are so good.

Finally, for dinner I had a big bowl of some leftover pasta and I put some tuna through it. I love pasta so much. Being a cheap student it's so easy to make and always tastes so good. Tuna is also a favourite of mine and tastes so good.


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