Sunday, 12 February 2017

February Goals

It's February now, 2017 is starting to go by pretty fast. I'm a lot busier now than I usually have been and there are a couple things I want to add and change into my life, so I thought I would share my goals for this month.

1. Sleep better. I am a deep sleeper, I can sleep through everything. But lately I haven't been getting enough sleep and making sure I wake up early, so I want to make sure I set time aside to get enough sleep.
2. Get into a routine. Continuing on from the first goal, I want to try waking up and going to sleep around similar times each day.
3. Start exercising. I don't workout or exercise enough and Ross is starting to go to the gym and asked me if I wanted to go along with him. So lets see how this goes.
4. Drink more water.
5. Read more. I have a lot of books I've never read so maybe it's about time I do so.
6. Focus on one day at a time. I am a worrier and get easily stressed so taking one thing at a time each day has helped me a lot recently. 
7. Stress less.
8. Blog more. I always get into blogging then fall out of it, it's almost a cycle.  
9. Get out more. Going for a walk or to the shops, getting a coffee, exercising, anything really. You always feel better when you get out a little bit each day.
10. Make more of an effort. With everything in general. Friends, family, uni, exercise, YouTube. Making more effort to put more work in.


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