Thursday, 23 March 2017


Blogging! Something I am quite terrible at but want to improve and get better at. Inspiration for this post comes from the lovely Sophie Rosie - one of my favourite bloggers at the moment.

  1. Actually post. I usually go through phases of wanting to post and being motivated, then getting caught up with everything else going on in my life. I want to try set aside time each week to blog, even schedule some posts. Keeping up with my blogging is one of my main goals of 2017. So far I am succeeding and loving it, but I guess only time will tell.
  2. Take more photos. Being a photography student I should have an abundance of photos but I always forget to take photos. My camera is a huge beast and I don't really have it on me but I want to try carry it around more.
  3. Chat to other bloggers. I don't know many bloggers but I do follow many blogs. Interacting more and finding other similar blogs is a goal of mine.
  4. Share my posts. I'm always too scared or lazy to share my blogposts. I just kinda write them and let them out into the wild. I'm not sure why I'm more reserved when it comes to my blog so I want to share my posts more and be more proactive about it.
  5. Create better content. The more I learn about blogging the better my content will get. Looking back at my older posts I think  my content has already improved so I can't wait to learn more and better my posts. 
These are my top 5 blogging things I want to be better at, what are yours?


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