Monday, 20 March 2017


Today I thought I would share with you some of my tips for starting a YouTube channel. YouTube has been around for a while now and is super popular, making people want to start their own channel. I have had my channel for 2 years now and have accumulated 24,500 subscribers. I'm not the biggest or best YouTuber out there but I have learnt and come across some helpful tips and tricks which would benefit anyone wanting to try YouTube out for themselves.

  1. Do it. Just go for it. You'll never start unless you just jump straight into it.
  2. Create the content you want to create. I cannot stress this enough. You should make videos because you want to and because you love doing it. The content you create should be for you and something you are personally interested in yourself. Once you start gaining a small audience it is easy to get carried away and make videos you don't really like or aren't really proud of because that's what everyone else wants to see or will get you views. You don't want to end up hating your channel because you are not doing what you love. 
  3. Equipment. Fancy equipment isn't essential. It does improve the quality of your content but what matters at the end of the day is your content itself. There are some good quality DSLR cameras out there on the cheaper side if you do want to invest. All you really need is good quality content, a window or lots of natural lighting and your camera or iPhone.
  4. Thumbnails. Thumbnails are soooo important when it comes to videos. That is what brands your videos and advertises it. You want it to be clickable so people will see it and want to watch it. I use photoshop for mine but there are loads of free websites out there which you can use. Just make sure your thumbnail is interesting, not too busy and stands out. You don't want tiny unreadable text on it or too much going on. Look at some of your favourite YouTubers for inspiration and see how they create their thumbnails. Doing this you will usually see that every YouTuber has a style and you can learn more by studying other peoples work.
  5. Don't Spam. So many new YouTubers spam their content and comments. YouTube automatically filters out comments nowadays so no one will see your 'Sub to me' comment anyways. There are so many other ways to make friends or grow your audience other than begging for likes. Try find other creators like yourself and befriend them. Virtual collabs and places like instagram and twitter are great for growing your channel.
  6. Have fun. At the end of the day you should have a YouTube channel for yourself. It is supposed to be a fun platform where you can express yourself, take part in fun challenges and make videos similar to the ones you love to watch. The beauty of YouTube is that anyone can do it, and if you're having fun you will succeed. 


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