Friday, 12 May 2017


The Neutrogena light therapy acne mask is a relatively new product here in the UK. I jumped at the chance when they reached out to me over on my Instagram and asked me to try out the product for them. While I have a lot of info about it over on Instagram I thought I would share a bit about it here too. 

The Neutrogena light therapy acne mask is a mask that was created for people with moderate - bad acne. It's purpose is to clear your skin and reduce redness and inflammation, using UV therapy lights. The mask itself glows as you can see. It comes with a little button and you hold it down till it turns on. Once on, it will automatically stay on for 10 minutes before turning itself off. You're supposed to do this everyday to see results. Each remote comes with 30 sessions (to last you 30 days).

I think this thing is a miracle worker. I love it. Cleared so much of my redness and reduced the area of my spots. I've been using it for around 20 days now and have noticed a difference. It is quite pricey so not sure if I will continue using it once I've run out but it definitely does what it says on the box.


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