Saturday, 13 July 2019

The best Edinburgh Brunch: Papii

Hi lovelies,

I want to start a new section on my blog where I talk about my favourite food & drink places in Edinburgh. To kick start this little section I'm talking about one of my favourite brunch spots. This is not an unheard of or uncommon brunch spot in Edinburgh - they're actually quite famous for their waffles.

Papii is a tiny little cafe just off George street, on Hanover street. If you go on the weekend or peak times you might have to wait for a table, especially over the Fringe! For Edinburgh Papii is a super affordable, cheap cafe with amazing portion sizes. My first thought was actually about how many Strawberries I got with my waffles - almost an entire punnet. Their menu is all over their wall and they have a good range of brunch food and sandwiches.

Definitely a must try for Edinburgh brunch.


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