Wednesday, 24 June 2020

How to make money on social media

So in my last post I wrote about how much to charge brands/sponsorships for collaborations. Today I'm going to be sharing some different ways to make money on social media. If you are new to the game and looking to monetise your hobby or if you just want to make some extra cash, here are some ways how you can do it. 

1. Sponsorships: Probably the most obvious. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to wait around for brands to contact you. If you love and use brands regularly reach out to them. Have a google search for their PR/Press email or message them on instagram. A lot of big companies have a PR scheme you can register for and if you are a good fit they will contact you. Don't be afraid to pitch yourself to brands.

2. Advertising Platforms: The blogger platform, grapevine, famebit, etc are all websites who host a selection of advertising content. If you have some followers on social media you can register to these websites for free and see what brands are looking for creators. Each brand will have a brief and their own set of requirements for consideration but all you need to do is pitch yourself and wait to hear back. 

3. Google Ads: Google adsense works for a few different platforms such as if you are looking to monetise your blog or YouTube channel. Bloggers can register for google adsense and connect their account to have banners and adverts pop up on their page. The same way that on YouTube people can have little ad banners on the video or a short advert that plays before you watch a video. Every 1000 views you receive will equal out to a specific rate you will be paid. Super easy to set up and as long as your content is copyright free you're all good to go. 

4. Affiliate links: This is probably the easiest and most passive way to make money besides ads. There are loads of different platforms which allow for affiliate links. Certain makeup companies have beauty influencers in their specific affiliate scheme with a code assigned to them. Every person who buys something using their code, the influencer makes a small % of profit from that purchase. AWIN is a website which hosts brands such as NastyGal, Missguided, Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, ASOS, Topshop & more. Amazon also has their own affiliate scheme where you can set up a storefront with all the items you use/recommend. 

5. Sell your skill: If you have a talent, hobby or skills that would benefit others, why not share? So many people sell these sort of things online. For example: 
  • People who are admired and followed for their aesthetic Instagram feeds/photographs create and sell their own presets. 
  • People who know how to do things well can start their own classes on skillshare, like tutorials.
  • People who design and make cool digital prints/things online can sell them on a website or etsy. 
All of these take some time to create and set up, but once that's done you can be making passive income daily. Some of these websites have a minimum threshold for payments so make sure you check all the terms and conditions before you apply. 

Do you use any of these things to make some extra money on the side? or do you have another way that hasn't been mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

Love Emmy

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